"Opel" Mobile Applications Development

  • Wednesday, Sep 12, 2018

link : AppStore

Development of the Opel mobile app Test drive.


implementation of remote recording on a test drive of users.

Technical tools:

several iPad devices (up to 100 pieces)


development is divided into two parts - development of a web application, development of a mobile application for the iPad.

Description of work with the application:

The user, using a mobile application, selects a car for a test drive. He chooses the day and time when it is most convenient for him to undergo a test drive. Selects a dealer for whom he wants to pass a test drive. Indicates the phone number for feedback. Fills in personal data.

All user data entered is transmitted to Opel through a web application. The dealer receives data on recording for a test drive within 40 minutes and his managers call up with the user. Determine the exact time to pass the test drive.