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World-class software development projects. Created by professionals with eight years of experience. All modern features for Business.

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Sites & Portals

Crowdfunding platforms. Static sites and dynamic sites with server-side pre-rendering. Branded portals for representative offices of large companies. Sites aggregators for real estate agencies.

Fintech software development

Integration of liquidity providers. Cryptocurrencies integration. Conversion platform. Monitoring own position with various liquidity providers. System for secure storage of cryptocurrency funds.

Video applications development

Live streaming video and timeshift. Webinar applications. Online cinemas server side development. Text, audio and video messengers for real time meetings.

Mobile applications

iOs, Android. VR & AR on mobile devices and web. Branded exhibition applications with navigation and receiving product information when hovering camera on it. Applications for remote access and pre-registration. Demo applications.

Applications for other platforms

Windows, Linux, MacOS, Docker, Podman. Pre-installed on flash cards and mobile phones cards. Applications for multimedia screens. Applications for huge screens, touch tables, RaspberriPi.

Social networks

Applications for social networks Facebook,, Bots for instant messengers and social networks. Sending of advertising messages in instant messengers and social networks.

Complex software solutions.

Applications for the auction for the sale of advertising spots on the Internet (RTB). Lottery applications. Monitoring competitors (the fastest parsers).

Game development

Game applications for : social networks, desktop computers, young children, gambling.

We’re A Digital Design Agency.

Our skils for the critical skills you need across your organization to survive and thrive in the era of digital mesh.

Cloud Computing

Quick start, launch services in minutes and convenient management, instant scaling and reliable data storage.

Machine Learning

Deep learning neural networks and their application for solving CV, NLP and reinforced learning tasks.

Big Data

Solving problems associated with the processing of large data arrays. Algorithms for processing and using constantly changing data that arrive at high speed.


Database that is distributed between multiple network nodes or computing devices.

About Us.

Win with us

Our developers received the prize for creating a parser at FunCorp company competition.

Protect with us

The developed system for secure storage of cryptocurrency funds was tested and received a PCI DSS certificate of conformity at Hewlet Packard.

Grow with us

Every day we devote time to R&D. This allows us to be a modern team of professionals.

Our Skills

We’ve skilled in wide range of web and Other digital market tools.

We have come a long way in these 8 years. We started with applications and games for social networks, games for young children, gambling games. Developed applications for mobile platforms and desktops. VR & AR applications. Applications for RTB, SSP, DMP monitoring. Now we easily develop complex financial and RTB applications.

  • 01- Mobile and Desktop Application Development

  • 02- Fintech software development

  • 03- VR & AR development

  • 04- Complex software solutions.

  • 05- Sites & Portals


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Nikolai Dubovoy

Nikolai Dubovoy

Dec 26, 2018

We always felt the possibility of support during our cooperation and after. I especially want to note the professionalism of game developers for the youngest children. They perfectly understand the physiology and interests of these users.

Emanuele Orsini

Emanuele Orsini

Dec 26, 2018

We are glad that we have chosen AppMobiles as a partner. A company is a rare example of an ideal partner. Everything is always done on time and clearly.

Vitali Averin - "Lab24" Managing partner, CEO (production and development)

Vitali Averin - "Lab24" Managing partner, CEO (production and development)

Dec 26, 2018

Great! I think the community/investors are still very excited and crave to hear about his work. Your qualuity is very undervalued because of the lack of “marketing” in my opinion. Go AppMobiles!

Alex Gorodny  - "Alpari" Head of Site Department

Alex Gorodny - "Alpari" Head of Site Department

Dec 26, 2018

The guys are professionals. Licked the site to a golden glow. Great job!

Igor Khmel - "Bankex" Founder & CEO

Igor Khmel - "Bankex" Founder & CEO

Dec 26, 2018

With AppMobiles, we began our journey to Blockchain. They took the first steps. They helped us create our first liquidity protocol and earn $ 75,000,000.

Alex  Savchenkov - "CityAds" Founder & CEO

Alex Savchenkov - "CityAds" Founder & CEO

Dec 26, 2018

The advertising bidding system developed by AppMobiles developers supports over 1,000,000 connections per second. It turned out to be better and lower in cost than containing own developers.

Alex  Migal - "General Motors Southeast Europe" Head of Marketing

Alex Migal - "General Motors Southeast Europe" Head of Marketing

Dec 26, 2018

For our marketing products, we select only reliable performers. Quality of work is the main reason for our many years of cooperation.

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